The Madam

A group of girls formed a sewing club while still in high school, and are still meeting more than forty-five years later.  Although I joined the group later on, I have enjoyed many years with them.


One of the ladies in our sewing club appeared to have the attributes of a Madam.  She was a large, attractive woman, with delicate and poised hands and beautiful nails.


She would say, “Now girls,” as if she was directing her harem. We had nicknames for some of the more notable girls in the club, and we called Sandy “The Madam,” meaning a woman who runs a brothel.


One day Sandy fell and broke her leg.  She was in the ambulance and on her way to the hospital when she had a series of memorable scenes run through her mind.  Although she was unconscious, she remembered them and wrote them down for me.


Among the many things that she reported was being in a house which had a bar and floor made of marble.  She recalls all sorts of people laying around and some with promiscuous sexual behavior.


She said, “The bar reminded me of back in Jesus’ time with all of the angels around.  There were both flowers and angels on the sides of the bar.  There appeared to be a swimming pool behind the bar that was filled with a substance like porcelain.  After the people went into the pool, they were turned into statues.  I saw a man jump into the pool and he came out as a flying angel.”


She was quite perplexed as to what all of this meant.  A few of the girls in the club wondered if she was, indeed, at some point in a past life, a Madam of a brothel.


To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at



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