The Pocketknife

A gentlemen friend carried a pocketknife, and in conversation said he had no idea where he got it.  He had owned it for so long he didn’t remember where it came from.  In my meditative state,  I queried about the knife.  This is the information that I received:

Red and blue type, like type-set letters.  I hear the keying of a manual typewriter.  Perhaps the knife was originally purchased through a magazine ad or some other form of advertising.


I see many, many male faces, one at a time, in great detail.  The faces are live.  I would judge them to be all over the age of fifty.  The progression of faces is very detailed and very fast, too fast to grasp individual features.  One I remember is a gray-bearded man.


The next thing I see is something representing heat, like hot metal.  Perhaps it is a steel plant, with molten steel.


Quite strangely, I see my Aunt Marion’s face in a manufactured form, like an applique or a sewn patch.  She is wearing the hair style that she wore in the 1960’s.  Then I see her real face in living detail.  I see many screen shots of her face.  Her hair is brown, and not the blonde I remember so well, which would have been her hair color in the late 60’s.


I originally thought that she was a part of the person’s life who had owned  this pocketknife at that time which didn’t make any sense to me at all.  The information continued.


I then feel the impact of parts being made.  I can assume the pocketknife is carried by someone working in a plant.


Next, my nose feels stuffy, and there is something packed in it.  I think about the snorting of cocaine, but that’s not it.  It’s snuff, or a substance that is inhaled through the nose.  It is a heavy substance and I cannot breathe clearly.  I feel it is tobacco.


From this presentation of events, I assume the man who owned this pocketknife worked in a print shop that used plates in their printing process, and the man inhaled snuff.  It was some time later that I realized that my late aunt was the guide that brought me this information!




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