Eighty-Nine Cents

I speak of my Money Angel frequently, and this particular day, I think everyone who gambles would wish for one.   I don’t like to lose money at casinos, but my husband finds it a great source of entertainment with its accompanying  excitement of the chance that you could win.


I was on my way into a casino with my husband. We were walking from the parking lot, and when approaching the driveway in front of the main entrance, I spotted a great deal of change on the pavement.  Sixty-four cents were found and picked up by me as quickly as I could.  I privately thought that my Money Angel was there and giving me a sign.


The slot machines were plentiful, and my husband was having his usual day of accumulated small losses. We decided to take a break and enjoy a beverage at the bar.  As I was walking on the carpeted entrance to the bar, a bright shiny quarter was on the floor.  I stopped to pick it up.  “Hmm, I thought.  She’s still watching.”


Normally the change I find is only a penny here and a penny there. I never ask or expect my Money Angel to protect us from losses or provide any gains, but I am always pleased when I know she is present.  This particular day she was being especially generous as she had provided a total of 89 cents.


We decided to give the slot machines a last try before leaving, which proved to be fruitful. My husband was able to regain all of his losses, and leave with a proud small profit to make his day.  It was about 89 dollars.  I can only presume that we had some divine assistance.




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