The Music of Angels

I had retired for the evening, and my thoughts wandered as I waited for sleep to come. As my mind drifted from one thing to another, I suddenly realized that I heard beautiful music.  It was music that I had never heard the likes of before.  Then I realized that it was coming from angels.  It had no rhythm, beat, or melody, just beautiful harmony.


I recalled reading about the music of angels, and found them listed in a book as joyous singers. One type is called Cherubim, and their purpose is to assist with insomnia.  The other is Seraphim, that help you in remembering dreams.


While I rarely have trouble sleeping, I also rarely remember my dreams. Perhaps the Seraphim thought I should recall a dream for a message that would be given me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember any dream the next morning.


On another evening that I had trouble falling asleep, I again heard the music of angels, but not as clearly as I had heard before.


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