Red is the Color

Yesterday, when I was going through my closet, I pulled out a purple skirt on which I had sewn some beautiful red ribbon flowers.  I use to wear that skirt with a red hat at the Red Hat ladies’ events, but I still find the skirt attractive today.


When I went to bed that evening, the usual busyness of active spirits began to appear in my mind’s eye.  I could see my mother in the upper right-hand corner of my visual screen, and she was wearing a purple dress with a red hat.  The Red Hat ladies did not exist when she was alive, but she was obviously admiring the striking appearance of the red and purple colors.


As I watched, she modeled for me, and did some stunning poses I had never seen her do.  She also scattered tiny red lights all over my visual screen.  Usually, after having such a visitation, the vision is quickly gone.  However, this time my mother apparently lingered around, because the red lights continued to appear for some time as I tried to get some restful sleep.


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