Male Singers

I was recovering from a bout with the flu and had fallen asleep on the couch.  It was the second day, and except for still being tired, I was feeling pretty good.  As I awakened, I heard the voices of angels singing.  I smiled at the recognition of this, but couldn’t immediately place why they sounded different from the first angels I had heard some time ago.

After I replayed their sounds in my head, I realized that the first angels that I heard sing a few months ago were female, but these voices were definitely male.

I tried to describe the sounds to my husband, telling him that it was similar to what I had heard before, a beautiful harmonious sound.  “Was it more like a hum?” he asked.

“Yes, that may be a word for it,” I said, “but I’m not really sure there’s a right word to describe their beautiful harmony.”

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