Oh, So Beautiful

I’ve been blessed with the ability to see many entities of the spirit world, and I recently decided to reflect on the many spiritual guides I’ve actually seen.

After having been to a psychic class where I was told about one of my guides and her physical appearance, Gretta appeared to me in God’s white circle of light.  That was the first time I actually saw a guide or a white circle of light.

“She’s quite old, and not very spiritual,” I was told.  “She wants to be called Greta, and she comes with a rolling pin in her hand.  She is here to see that you take good care of yourself, and she will probably nudge you with the rolling pin if she feels you need a reminder.”  I’m sure the reader did not want to tell me that Greta would hit me with that rolling pin.

Well, Greta has done more than nudge me.  She has wacked me a few times with her rolling pin, but I haven’t actually seen her since her first appearance.

I’ve also been told about Ralph, another guide, by a channeler.   She told me that he had red hair and was jolly, but he has never appeared to me in the mind’s eye.   However, one day on a return trip from New Orleans, I met a man on the plane who dressed as I had pictured Ralph, was friendly, and had red hair.

One night recently, after seeing a movie with a beautiful young actress with attractive dark eyes and dark hair, a beautiful angel appeared in my psychic eye.   She also had gorgeous dark eyes and lovely dark hair, and allowed me to study her face for some time.  She blinked her eyes, just as we do, and turned her head slightly away and then back to look at me.

I was so drawn to the actress’ beauty that  I can’t help but think that my angel wanted me to appreciate her beauty as well.  I certainly did, as she was oh, so beautiful!

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.


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