My husband and I had gone to a Paranormal Festival.  I was a vendor, selling my books, but was able to participate in the conference to hear many of the speakers.  During the happy hour the first evening, we met some very nice people and were able to converse with them throughout the next couple of days.

While attending one of the talks the first evening, I sat next to a young woman, a medium, who was waiting for her husband. We shared a few stories, and the one I mentioned was about my money angel who has been with me probably  throughout my life.  I mentioned that she sees that I always have just enough money.

The next morning, that couple invited us to join them at their table for breakfast.   They were an interesting and fun couple, and we were pleased  to be in their company.   We learned that her husband had become very spiritual since being guided through her abilities and her psychic channel .

At breakfast, the wife asked me if I had been calling out to her or thinking about her during the night.  I replied that I had not, as I slept very soundly.  “Oh,” she said.  “Well someone kept me up during the night.  I’ll have to ask around and find out who knows Edna.”

“Edna!” I exclaimed.  “That’s my money angel!”

Sometime ago I had read something about how to ask your angel what her name is, and the name Edna came through ever so lightly.  Then I was told that I needed to have her confirm her name later, but I could never get confirmation.   Apparently, she was unable to get that information to me, but used my new medium friend to do so.

“She just confirmed her name for me!” I said.   “Thank you for delivering her message!”



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