Interim Death

A friend of mine told me that her brother in law had endured three heart attacks, one right after the other.  He told her that during the third attack, he knew that he had died.  This is what he said:

I saw my wife and others that I had known in this lifetime.  I had been regretful, because I had not been kind to my wife prior to her dying with cancer.  I immediately told her that I was sorry, and that I wanted to stay there with her.

I know you are, but you can’t stay, she said.  You have to go back.  Our daughter, who was born with Down syndrome, has lived a long life for her condition.  You are going to have to make some very big decisions about her in the near future, and you have to be there to take care of her.

But I want to stay here with you, he protested.

I know, she said, but you have to go back.

In that instant, I was whisked back into my body and found the medical staff working on me.

He felt gratified that he had been forgiven, but now faces the upcoming decisions that he will have to make regarding his daughter.


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