Angel Wings of Snow

As a child, I often made angel wings in the snow by lying down and raising my arms in an upward movement, and then putting them down again at my sides.  It was always great fun to see the angel outline that I made in the snow.

Today, as an adult, I have more profound angel visions.  As I lay in bed, waiting for sleep, my guide, who is maybe an angel, shows me many visuals.  Perhaps it is a face or place that I don’t recognize, or a scene that I cannot place.  Sometimes it is just a confirmation that the guide knows what I am experiencing.

For instance, after a day of much snowfall that covered the ground with mounds more than a foot deep, I was shown a scene of buildings, with patches of snow stuck all over them.  I saw this scene through a blinding snow, just as it was that day.

The buildings soon disappeared.  Picture a window pane with large snowflakes stuck all over the window like patches of frost?  That is about what I saw, only the snowflakes were pure white feathers of angel wings that covered my entire vision.

I can only assume that an angel wanted to let me know she was there and would comfort and give me protection.

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