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A compendium of short articles of paranormal experiences of the author and her acquaintances, some serious, some touching, and some humorous.

Impunity Frt Book One Sm

For many years, Ellen Marie Blend has been receiving psychic messages.

Most of her information comes to her visually, in the mind’s eye; however, sometimes an unheard message is received in her head, or a clear voice is heard from an angel or ascended master.

While touting to be spiritual rather than religious, she has had many encounters with revered figures of religion.  One thing is for certain.   She has an open channel of communication with the spirit world.

Knowing that everyone may not accept what she has witnessed, she introduces some cartoon humor in hopes that all can read and enjoy.


About Ellen Marie Blend

Psychic Books | Psychic Author | Ellen Blend Psychic Phenomena Author of non-fiction books and articles.
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