Alien Encounter

For  those of you who enjoyed reading about my visit from a young female alien in a dream, I have recently had another visit.

Much of my spiritual interaction is from visions in the mind’s eye.  Generally, when I have retired for the evening, I can sense if spirits are around me.  I ask for protection in the white light directly from God, and proceed to receive visitors.

Sometimes they are religious figures, sometimes symbolic presentations about something I have inquired about, and sometimes just faces of people I know or don’t know.

On a recent evening, I began to see faces of people that I didn’t know.  Then a flash of something went by, and I thought, “That looked like an alien.”  It was as though I called out to the passerby, as two alien visitors came back into view.

One was more clear than the other, and again, was female.  The heads were alien shaped and green, as so often represented in pictures.  I found it strange that they should appear along with human faces from planet earth, but it was more confirmation that they do exist.

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