Several years back I went to see a psychic who used to be my next door neighbor and is still a friend.  Victoria has many guides, and throughout the years she has been quite accurate with my readings.


This particular day, her reading included that the souls of my former lover and a new man would collide.  She also stated that a rekindling of my old flame and myself would not be good for me now.


Sometime later that year I met a new fellow, and our relationship deepened immediately.  We were very comfortable together, and many things about his personality reminded me of my past lover.


In time, I found that so many things of my former lover were intricately similar to this new man, and I began to make a list of their likenesses.  Hence, a new book began, called “Conversing on a Higher Level.”  This book explains our entire journey together and the realization of a shared soul experience.


While many questions remained unanswered, my past lover found a way to communicate with me through this new man to complete his karma with me.  His soul was able to share space with the new man’s soul, and it presented a means for conversation on a higher level.


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