A Tap on the Shoulder

During the night while I lay sleeping, someone tapped me twice on the shoulder, and I woke up.  It was not a gentle tap, but I rolled over to see if my husband was waking me.  No one was there, and my husband was sound asleep on my other side.


That morning I was accompanying a couple of friends to an outing which was put on by the husband of one of our deceased friends.  “I think it was Gwenn,” stated one of my friends.  “She knows we are on our way to meet with her husband.”  I considered that she might be right.


However, earlier that week I received a telephone call from my elderly uncle’s daughter letting me know that her father had passed away a couple of days prior.  Both my uncle and the daughter lived in other states, and I was told that he would be brought back to his home state, Michigan, for burial next to his diseased wife.


I reflected on this, and then I knew.  It was my uncle’s strong tap on my shoulder that had awakened me.   I also remembered the whoosh of cool air that passed through me just two days before.  I hadn’t connected who my visitor was at the time, but intuition has told me that he awakened me to let me know that he was there.


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